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Our telehealth consultations allow you to get in touch with a chiropractor without having to attend a practice. Telehealth consultations are webcam-based consultation that will take up to 20 minutes for an existing patient or 45 minutes for a New Patient.

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Remote patient engagement using Physitrack a world leading Telehealth provider.


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We provide professional remote patient consultations with individual tailored programmes. Try it yourself, we are sure you will like the ability to have a live stream consultation to any device when and where it is convenient to you.

Video call exercise streaming
Professional Consultation

See your GCC registered chiropractor by video.

Your chiropractor will take a detailed history of your current health status.

One size does not fit all.

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Online consultation

Using the webcam on your device, your state-registered chiropractor will ask you to move through certain movements to determine your current condition.

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Physiapp outcome measure
Individual Tailored Programme

Taken from your history and webcam-based examination, an individual programme can be designed for you.

During the consultation your practitioner will live stream the elements of your programme direct to your device

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Back Pain online
Pain Relief

From your detailed history, and webcam-based examination taken with your online practitioner your individual programme can be designed with reducing pain levels in mind.

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Knee injury

Rehabilitation is a structured programme helping you get the most of your recovery.

This can be from sports or another injury. It can be adapted to different age ranges from paediatrics to the older patient.

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Maximise your health with a nutritional consultation.

Digitial Health and Wellness Programme is also availale

Find out how to get the most from your recovery by finding out how your nutrition can affect your health.

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Find out how we can help you. Our chiropractor has been using Telehealth for a number of years and has been able to assist children, pregnant women, sports injuries and the office worker to name a few.

Fitness and Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries and Fitness

Injuries can occur whether you are an elite sports person or a sports enthusiast no...
Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain can either be sharp and/or stabbing in nature or it may feel like...
Neck Pain Relief Online

Neck Pain

Neck pain can result in localised pain in the neck, tension headaches, stress headaches and...
Senior Health

Senior Health

Senior health is much more than just treating back pain. Exercise and rehabilitation may assist...
Food is medicine

Food is Medicine

Diet, nutrition and the environment has a major role to play in a healthy person...
Joint Pain

Joint Pain

One to one video consultations enable you to get relief for your joint pain online....
Paediatric chiropractic


Many parents often see fast improvements! You know where to go when your child is...
Pregnancy chiropractic


Care is safe and possible throughout all stages of pregnancy As you can imagine pregnancy...

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Meet our awarding-winning chiropractor using the scientifically proven Physitrack, the world leader in remote patient engagement.

Lara Cawthra 2020
Lara Cawthra
Principal Chiropractor

Lara has been a chiropractor, assisting people with their health and pain relief for over 20 years. Lara completed her

Lara Cawthra
Remote Patient Engagement

Is the world leader in remote patient engagement. With a library of over 4600+ HD videos professionally narrated by coaches

Award Winning Clinic
Award-Winning Clinic
Award Winning Clinic

See an Award Winning Chiropractor online for your one-to-one live-streamed video consultation. Hands on Health – Family Chiropractor has been

Award-Winning Clinic

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