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Start your journey to feeing fitter and better with your Clean Eating Plan. Using Digital Health and Wellness Coaching you can feel better in your own home.


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14 Day Plan

£ 9
  • Inlcuded in the 14 Day Clean Eating Plan:
  • Pre-Assessment to make sure this is the plan best suited to you
  • Daily Eating Guide
  • What's in/out
  • Recipes for your plan and shopping lists
  • Set your goals for weight, meditation, movement and sleep
  • Track your daily progress
  • Support from our Health Practitioner

28 Day Pan

£ 15
  • Maximise your Clean Eating Plan for 28 Days.
  • Everything that is in the 14 day plan, is extended in the 28 day plan, helping you to better achieve your goals and turn Clean Eating into a healthy habit.

Bespoke Plan

  • Not sure if Clean Eating is for you or have a specific health need? Start with a FREE discovery call with no obligation. Find out how a personalised digital health and wellness programme can help you.


Do I need to underake the assessment?

A short assessment is required so that we can ensure that the programme is right for you. If the Clean Eating Plan is unsuitable you will be offered a plan of a similar length better suited to your needs.

How does it work?

After checkout and the assessment has been completed you will receive an email with information to download the app, use the password provided in the email to log in and you’re off!  

How do I track my progress?

From your app you can log your progress about your body which includes your weight, waist, elimintation and sleep. You will also be able to track your nutrition, movement, meditation and how you are feeling with journaling notes.

Will I receive an eating plan?

Your plan will include a “What’s in/out” guide. Your Daily update will include a meal plan, movement and meditation guide.

What else is included?

You will have access to receipes suitable for your plan, as well as a shopping list so it is easy for your to get what you need.You can also set your own goals. If you are on a Bespoke plan, a more detailed assessment is undertaken and supplements tailored to your needs will also be included in your plan.

Will I get support?

You will receive daily reminders and affimations to help keep you motivated and accountable, to help you implement your new lifestyle changes.  Our Health Care Practitioner, Lara Cawthra, will also be available via Text Chat to help keep you motivated and accountable. 

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