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Its quick and easy to book your online chiropractic consultation.

Choose from the options below:

Discovery Call FREE

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New Patient Consultation £60

Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities. Consultation, remote examination, and explanation of the diagnosis. Treatment will include guidance in certain procedures and exercises while remaining at home. 45min

Existing Patient £29

Secure and encrypted webcam consultation and live stream guidance in certain procedures and exercises while remaining at home. 20 min

How it works

Prior to the Telehealth consultation you will be asked to download our rehabilitation application, Physiapp, from your Google Play store or the Apple store.

PhysiApp logo

Once the app is downloaded, its really easy to use:

  1. The chiropractor will start the video call
  2. The patient will receive an email invitation to join the call
  3. The patient logs in to Physiapp to accept the call

You will get your diagnosis and treatment online, exercises and protocols will be live-streamed to you during the online consultation.

From there, we can load a personal care plan into the app that consists of various stretches, exercises and care for you to follow at home.

Exercises will include videos so you can do them properly. We’ll also be able to check-in on your progress via the app.

Nutrition Consultation

Book as either a New Patient or Existing Patient as above.

Download the app as above

Complete the Nutrition Questionnaire before your consultation