Joint Pain

One to one video consultations enable you to get relief for your joint pain online.

Pain in your arms and legs can be localised, that is the problem has originated there, like a sprained ankle. The pain could be, otherwise, referred from elsewhere, like a tingling sensation into your hand could have originated from nerve irritation in your neck.

The nervous system controls every cell in your body, including the muscles and nerves that run from your spine and into your arms and legs. If we weren’t all connected we would just fall apart!

During your initial telehealth consulation, our professional consultation will involve taking a full history including past medical history, and webcam self-guided physical examination, to determine the cause of the problem. The chiropractor will then discuss with you the findings and how we can help. If you wish to continue then a live-streamed treatment programme will be given at the initial consultation. A home programme will also be set for you to continue your recovery.

Get relief from your joint pain online with a professional video consultation today!