Benefits of Colouring for Relieving Stress

Colouring to relax

Our lives can feel like they are filled with pressure. There’s just so much to do, so many responsibilities to fulfill, high expectations to meet. When you’re not careful, they can burn you out. That’s why taking care of yourself and ensuring that you relieve your stress is essential to your health and longevity.

There are many ways you can de-stress and unwind. Some would be wonderfully effective, but for most people, they may be unrealistic especially during this time of COVID-19. A week-long vacation away from it all sounds great. A regular full body massage and spa sounds enticing. Or maybe you could go shopping. At the moment these are just wishes, hopefully we may enjoy some of these things again soon.

Colouring can be an affordable way to de stress
Colouring can be an affordable way to de stress

All these, however, require money, at this time especially, may not be available. If thinking about the funds you’d need only adds to your stress, here is a relatively cheap but fun way to help relieve your stress – colouring.

Remember how you enjoyed playing with colours when you were a child? It turns out colouring can help you even in your adult years. Colouring for adults has gained increased popularity in recent years and for good reasons. It even has come to the point of being called art therapy.

Benefits Of Coloring For Relieving Stress

  • Colouring has a meditative effect

You know that meditation is a relaxation technique. Studies have shown that colouring has meditative effects. As you focus on the present moment, your mind calms down, relieving you of the stress. It brings your mind to a relaxed state, given the predictability of the results.

That’s why coloring mandalas or geometric patterns have been particularly popular. According to studies, the repetition, the pattern, and the detail illicit positive neurological responses in users.

  • It keeps your mind off negative thoughts

When you do colouring, your inner child comes out. It helps your mind focus on the simplicity of life, just like how you saw the world when you were young. You focus on the shapes, you pick a colour, and you shade the areas. It keeps your mind off negative thoughts and silences the dialogues in your head as you ponder on fixable problems relating to shape and colour, instead of life.

Colouring can help you find your inner child
Colouring can help you find your inner child
  • Colouring is a good exercise for the brain

Colouring utilizes multiple parts of the brain. It requires your creativity when choosing the colours to use and patterns you want to make. At the same time, you also need to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Colouring also engages your fine motor skills. Coloring can be perceived as being a simple exercise, but it can also be a full workout for the brain.

  • It’s a good activity for your time out

You may be working every day to provide for your family. You may be swamped with house chores and taking care of the kids the whole day, especially if you are home schooling right now. You may be dealing with difficult clients or having problems with your business. Being an adult can be difficult, and you need to have some “time out.”

Colouring is a good and relaxing activity you can do for your time out. It helps place the outer world on hold for a while and keeps your thoughts from everything you have to worry about, so you feel relaxed and restful.

  • It helps you get better sleep

Sometimes when you’re overly stressed, you may wake up feeling tired even after getting a full night’s sleep. You may have even dreamt about your problems. The good thing is, you can use colouring to help you get better sleep. It is a great activity before bedtime that you can incorporate into your routine. It helps your mind relax and eases the worries away before you sleep.

Plus, it helps minimize your evening screen time. Instead of checking your social media before you sleep, do some colouring. Remember, electronics, particularly those that emit blue light like mobile phones, can affect the production of your sleep hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is important in helping your body get to sleep.

Colouring can be relaxing

Not Just for Children

Don’t think that colouring is only for kids. Today, it is a very accepted adult activity with many benefits. You can fairly easily find various colouring books with beautiful patterns and prints and high-quality paper.

You can bring out the child in you and reveal a creative side that’s hiding behind life’s daily pressures. If you’re always dealing with stressful circumstances, or you simply want to unwind, grab a coloring book and colour your worries away.

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Colouring can be relaxing for adults
Colouring can be relaxing for adults