6 Tips for Feeling Less Tired


Do you find that you are feeling overly tired and sluggish all the time? You aren’t alone if that is the case. A lot of people feel overly tired these days for various reasons. For some it’s because of long workdays, for others, it’s because of their diet, and so on. If you are tired of feeling, well, tired all the time, then this is the article for you. You are going to see 6 tips for feeling less tired.


Stop Zoning Out On the Couch

As strange as it may seem, one strategy for feeling less tired is to start using energy. You may think that this is counterproductive, but if your body detects that you aren’t using a lot of energy it will go into a sort of “sleep mode.” In this sleep mode, your body produces less energy and you feel a lot more sluggish. So, try getting up and walking around more often.


Get A Better Diet

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating a poor diet is actually one of the major reasons that people feel tired all the time. In particular, a diet that is heavy in meats and carbs tends to drain you of energy because it requires so much energy to digest.  If you want more energy, try eating a breakfast that is rich in fruits and light protein.

Practice Stress Management

We all live very stressful lives these days. Regardless of what causes your stress, the result is the same, you have less energy to work with. One of the most noted effects of stress is how it works to sap you of your energy. So, if you find yourself getting stressed, take a breather and practice some stress management.

Drink More Water

Most people are at least a little bit dehydrated. Dehydration saps your energy. So, try to drink more water (coffee and soda don’t count).


Avoid Naps

Though they can be tempting, naps mess with your body’s internal clock and they can actually cause you to end up feeling even more tired than when you went to bed. If you do need to nap, stick to power naps of 20 minutes or less.


Lose Weight

This isn’t a short-term tip like the others are, but it’s still worth pointing out that for those of you who aren’t aware of this fact, being a bit overweight can have a very negative impact on your energy levels.