Neck Pain

Neck pain can result in localised pain in the neck, tension headaches, stress headaches and migraine.

Many things can cause neck and head pain, such as watching TV, cradling the phone in your neck, driving, sitting at a computer all day, or flying on an aeroplane. It could even be due to the way you have slept. When the pain doesn’t subside when the activity is stopped an underlying problem may be detected within the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine, or perhaps the spine has become sprained and locked up

15% of the population are experiencing head pain at any one time. Pain is a kind of a warning sign. Just like the smoke detector warning you of the possibility of fire.


How does the spine work?

The spine is made up of 24 moving bones called vertebrae. If the joints that interlock the vertebrae cease to move in the correct way they can cause painful symptoms such as neck pain.

If the neck becomes strained or the muscles and ligaments around the joints become sprained, referred pain into the shoulder or arm may occur. 

If the nerve exiting from the neck becomes compromised you may experience pain or tingling down your arm.

Dysfunction of the neck may also result in headaches, stress headache, tension headaches or migraines.

With a one-to-one video consultation with your chiropractor you could get relief from your neck pain, headache online, and migraine online.


How can we help?

An initial examination will involve taking a full history including past medical history, and a physical examination via webcam, will help to determine the underlying cause. The chiropractor will then discuss with you the findings and how we can help. If you wish to continue then a live-streamed programme will be given at the initial consultation.

Get relief for your neck pain online.

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