Senior Health

Senior health is much more than just treating back pain.

Exercise and rehabilitation may assist people seniors with a number of broad health issues. These include;

Joint Stiffness Back and Neck problems
Mobility Problems Muscular Problems
Postural problems

Granparents – Senior Health

How does the spine work?

The spine is made up of 24 moving bones called vertebrae. If the joints that interlock the vertebrae cease to move in the correct way they can cause painful symptoms such as back pain.

In between each vertebra are the shock absorbers for the spine, the disc. If you think of a disc as an inner tube stuck between two house bricks you will see how a disc can bulge, protrude, tear or herniate. An intervertebral disc doesn’t slip. When a disc bulges it can affect nearby nerves and produce obvious symptoms such as pain down the leg. Muscles surrounding the joint often tighten to protect and splint the joint. This can often be very painful.

Often with disc injury and back pain there may have been some long standing pre-existing dysfunction with the spine and a simple action like bending over to pick up a tissue might be enough to trigger further damage. The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’.

How can we help?

An initial examination will involve taking a full history including past medical history, and a physical examination via webcam, will help to determine the underlying cause. The chiropractor will then discuss with you the findings and how we can help. If you wish to continue then a live-streamed programme will be given at the initial consultation.

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